New product line: Nova Oliva (Chilean Extra Virgin Olive Oil)

I’ve been busy…signing on new clients, to bring my customers more amazing products.  I’m pleased to introduce Nova Oliva, a premium Chilean olive oil:

Nova Oliva is an Extra Virgin Chilean olive oil with lots of character – winner of Gold Medals at the 2010 Los Angeles International Olive Oil Competition, and Best Packaging at the 2010 Expo East Show.  In addition to being great product, it has an extremely competitive price point. There are two types – Selection and Premium (a bit more expensive and premium).

The product ships from Carson, CA.


For customers used to California Extra Virgin Olive Oil, this is a nice complement because Chile’s olive harvest is between April – May of each year. Thus, you can get fresh California olive oil in January/February, and fresh Chilean oil in August/September of each year.

Premium Oil: Nova Oliva Premium’s body is the highest expression of elegance and its delicateness flows from its herbal and almond notes, moderate fruity intensity, slightly floral and a precise touch of peppery and bitterness at the bottom of the mouth. It is a rather sweet oil and very pleasant for sophisticated and exigent customers. Summarizing, it is definitely an intriguer olive oil…

Made from Arbequina, Koreiniki, Frantoio, and Coralina olives.

View the full product info:

Selection: Nova Oliva Selection oil is a balanced fruity olive oil with a fine herbal touch, with a gently bitterness and a pleasant taste at mouth, rather sweet with a slightly peppery after time. Definitely, it is an olive oil with equilibrium and strength.

Made from Arbequina, Arbosana, Koroneiki, and Leccino olives.

View the full product info:

Everyone who has tried this has loved it!


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